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SafeSplash + SwimLabs Zee Spotlight: Richard & Jessica Jaramillo of Denver, CO

Richard and Jessica Jaramillo are the new Denver, CO-based owners of what will end up being three SafeSplash hosted locations and one dedicated facility with SafeSplash+SwimLabs. Their entrepreneurial journey is another interesting tale of a couple who decided to take charge of their destiny and forge a future that’s all their own. 


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Below, Jessica shares their story of becoming one of SafeSplash+SwimLab’s newest franchise owners…


Her Background and Current Situation

“I was born and raised in smalltown Connecticut, the daughter of two hard-working parents. When I finished school, I took a chance to explore something new and moved to Colorado in 2007 with two roommates. I got by and made a living waiting tables, eventually taking on a second reception job in my quest to get ahead. I liked the social aspect of hospitality work, but I resisted the offers to make it a full-time commitment and enter management training. It was a tremendous learning experience, but I just knew I wanted something more.”


How She Decided to Become Her Own Boss

“My early career was one of hard work – a lot of hours, but I guess you could say that even at 20-21 years of age, I kind of knew I’d rather be in business for myself. I met Richard, got married, and had our son and daughter. He’s still a detective with the Denver Police Department and we made a decision early on that we wanted our kids to grow up with accessible parents. Eventually, I found myself holding out until my kids were both school-aged to make a move. Then Covid hit and I got an extra year to think about it!”


On Franchising With Streamline Brands

“I wasn’t interested in getting a job working for someone else. When we made a commitment as a couple to look into franchise ownership, we happened to see the urgent need for a swim school right in our new neighborhood. The northeastern suburbs of Denver, including Reunion, Commerce City, Brighton, Northglenn, and Thornton, are teeming with families and all these new subdivisions have pools. But to our great surprise, finding swim lessons for our kids was nearly impossible. We tried in vain to get on so many waiting lists, but they were always full up. And we weren’t at all impressed with the local rec center’s subpar swimming classes. We ended up making a 30-minute commute just to find decent instruction. We were kind of lucky in finding a franchise where there was an obvious demand right in our backyard – literally.”


What She Loved About SafeSplash

“I’m a pragmatic person by nature. I’m very detail-oriented, but I’m also not scared to admit that I don’t know everything there is to know about running a business. With SafeSplash, the framework was completely built-in, and the support level was near overwhelming. I’m one of those individuals who has to have a plan for everything, and SafeSplash had an amazing plan – a business model we could trust and follow. We especially liked the fact that, with hosted locations, we could go out in the community and work out our own deal for pool facilities. When we rent or lease from the owner, we don’t have to concern ourselves with overhead or insurance – and there were lots and lots of options.”


Where They Stand

“Right now, we’re knee-deep in options for deciding on a hosted facility and we’re working with a lot of contacts. It’s important to get in front of the decision-makers if we want to close a deal, so that’s been consuming a lot of our time at the moment. Richard and I have our plan put together. For now, I intend to run the day-to-day operations and oversee the registrations and lessons. My husband is still quite involved with the Denver PD, but he’s my main support system and cheerleader while we develop the business together. It’s comforting to know how much he believes in me, understands my passion, and my drive to succeed as a SafeSplash franchise owner. We’re both very excited for our future!”


On the Support They’ve Received

“I really can’t say enough good things about the level of support we’ve received from corporate. When we did end up having our ‘Splash (Discovery) Day’, Matt Lane, the CEO of SafeSplash, actually hosted it at his personal home. I will say this – every single member of the Streamline Brands support team is passionate about what they do for the company. A person with my experience knows the difference and it shows in how much they care about the success of their franchisees.”



If you’re ready to reach your lifestyle and income-generating goals as the owner of your own swim school franchise, allow us to support your journey. We can introduce you to a business opportunity designed for your community. Where you can engage with people as a team builder with a passion for teaching the lifesaving skill of swim instruction. We invite you to discover an ideal business ownership opportunity with SafeSplash, SwimLabs, Swimtastic, and Saf-T-Swim brands. 


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