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How We Measure Progress and Recognition at SafeSplash

Swimming is an important life skill that’s not just about fun and accomplishments but safety as well. SafeSplash recognizes this balance and makes it a point to emphasize the development, confidence, and recognition of our students and their swimming abilities. A couple of the ways our brand accomplishes this goal is through our special “Splash-N-Tell” times with parents and the issuing of “Missy Medals” – a system of milestone markers coined by our resident 5-time Olympic medal ambassador, Missy Franklin.

At SafeSplash, measuring progress is done through the development of a system that focuses on “Leveling Up.” Students work their way through different levels of training while our instructors track and measure student progress on an individual level. We begin with basic skills, such as putting one's face in the water, blowing bubbles, and kicking. As time goes on, students gradually build to more advanced stroke techniques such as freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke, and even the butterfly! Every time an individual swimmer “levels up,” it means they're ready to move on to more challenging lessons.


About Splash-N-Tell

Once a month, parents are invited onto the pool deck for the last 10 minutes of class for our “Splash-N-Tell” sessions. This is an opportunity for the student to show off their new skills to parents. It’s also an opportunity for parents to ask any questions they may have about our swim instructors. Of course, our instructors are always available to provide progress reports and information to parents, but “Splash-N-Tell” is a dedicated time for this interaction to take place and for students to be proud of their accomplishments while displaying their progress.

Digital Measurement Tools

SafeSplash Swim Schools also use digital tools to monitor each student's individual progress in class. Parents or guardians are given access to these materials, as well, so they can follow what their children learn and note how they’re progressing through our app. This tool helps teachers personalize lessons specific to each child while applying an appropriate level of difficulty based on real-time data during classes.


Routine Recognition Milestones

To celebrate the accomplishments of our individual swimmers, SafeSplash recognizes success at every turn. Teachers cheer when a student learns a new skill or achieves a goal, such as being able to swim uninterrupted lengths of the pool. Another milestone for recognition occurs when students achieve proficiency in swimming strokes, including Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke, and Butterfly techniques. Over the years, we’ve learned that these end-of-session ceremonies, filled with praise and recognition, inspire students to continue their progress.


Recognition Out of the Water

Just as important as the accomplishments in the water are those we practice out of it, including character, development, and sportsmanship. Missy Franklin, a SafeSplash brand ambassador, instructor and curriculum developer, has designed a program that assigns “Missy Medals” to deserving students. The attributes that students display to earn a Missy Medal include behaviors such as kindness, dedication, achievement, passion, and good sportsmanship. SafeSplash believes that these qualities are just as worthy of recognition and makes sure to honor them.


SafeSplash Swim Schools have developed a comprehensive method for measuring progress, helping swimmers reach goals, and demonstrating recognition for their student’s accomplishments whenever possible. We employ an effective system of leveling up, digital platforms to track progress, regular communication with parents, and recognition ceremonies to ensure all students are given the opportunity to reach their potential. Through the efforts and more, every single one of SafeSplash’s students will have something to be proud of, both in – and out – of the water.


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