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SwimLabs Vienna and Machine Aquatics Featured on SwimSwam.com

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“Seeing kids improve their skills and creating this community space is a dream come true.” - Dan Jacobs, SwimLabs Vienna Co-Owner and Machine Aquatics Co-Founder

It's inspiring to learn more about the history, technology, and drive of SwimLabs Vienna's Dan Jacobs. Three families, already interwoven into the local competitive swimming scene, coming together by virtue of their common love for the sport and community to offer state-of-the-art swimming technology, training, and lessons. If that sentence was a mouthful you should look at the list of services they provide: stroke analysis, exercise facility, health and wellness center classes, physical therapy, stand up paddle board yoga, and, of course, competitive or 'learn to swim' private and group swimming lessons for kids and adults (along with much more - phew).The story of the Jacobs, Galbraith, and Monaghan families is one of humble beginnings. From three endless pools, commonly used in SwimLabs facilities, "now, they’ve not only expanded their facility, but they’ve also expanded their offerings as the leading community resource for health and wellness services. Machine Performance Center is now the home of Machine Swim School, Machine Aquatics office, M3 Triathlon, Machine Fitness, and PT Solutions." SwimSwam.

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