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Level Up – Your Action Plan

There’s no better time than the heat of the summer to refocus your commitment to water safety. With a reported 10 drowning deaths every single day, it’s imperative that we all do what we can to combat the risk. Particularly vulnerable to drowning are our children between one-to-four years of age. One of the most effective ways to reduce drowning risk is to participate in formal swimming lessons, especially for children and some other higher-risk populations, those with special needs.



Swimming should be a life skill. The younger an individual is introduced to the water and learns proper techniques, the stronger swimmer that individual will become. SafeSplash is multi-dimensional in its offerings and has a Swiss Army knife approach to swimming. From infancy to competitive swim teams for all age groups and skill levels.


At the infant and toddler levels, SafeSplash offers classes packed with fun songs, water play, and close contact with a parent or guardian. The goal is to teach lifesaving swim abilities while fostering a sense of pride and self-confidence in the newly acquired skill. The curriculum offered by SafeSplash has been tested and proven successful, with over 12 million lessons provided. Beyond the toddler age, swimming lessons should shift their focus to propelling the student toward success in newer situations, such as splashing in the ocean, enjoying their own backyard pools, and even diving skills.


Beyond the younger years, SafeSplash has developed a curriculum for those with special needs and special health circumstances as well. This curriculum is focused on lifesaving techniques for floating and moving oneself through the water to safety – all done as efficiently and confidently as possible. Private lessons are available for special needs kiddos, including those with challenges such as autism, ADHD, sensory struggles, Downs Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, and physical disabilities. In these special populations, formal swim instruction not only greatly reduces the risk of drowning but can also be therapeutic and calming. Individuals struggling with sensory differences tend to find relief from sensory overload in the weightless feeling provided by the warm water. SafeSplash uses warm water pools heated to a comfortable temperature to help ensure each swimmer’s experience is enjoyable. Therapeutic benefits of time spent in the water include improved balance, strength, coordination, and range of motion. Additionally, it’s common for parents to quickly notice a heightened sense of confidence in their swimmer.


SafeSplash employs a matching program, as well, which is designed to pair each swimmer with an instructor whose teaching style is most compatible with that swimmer’s needs. SafeSplash’s certified instructors are experienced in teaching children with a variety of special needs and circumstances.


If you have concerns that it’s too late to enroll your young child in swim instruction classes. SafeSplash offers rolling start dates, allowing new enrollments to join at any time during the year. There’s no need to wait until next year to begin equipping your child or loved one with the skills necessary to enjoy the water, safely and skillfully.


As the industry’s leading swim instruction franchise group, we’re dedicated to offering turnkey lessons that take swimmers through a natural progression of advancement. You can learn more about our individual brands here:



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