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Wednesday, March 30, 2016 by Megan Allen

Step One in Our Journey to Become a Global Brand

We recently announced a very exciting partnership with Sports World Mexico and are so honored they have partnered with us to create even further reach for our brand and their commitment to spreading the proprietary SafeSplash curriculum into another country! 

As we begin to grow outside of the United States, it made us think about the unlimited potential we will have to reach thousands of children and change the course and direction of their lives in addition to the happiness it brings their parents as they watch them thrive and grow.

So, what does it mean to us to be the largest swim school brand in North America?  It means everything to us because we know it’s just the first step to larger expansion on an international basis by proving the model will work in all countries.

When SafeSplash was founded, our goal was to impact families in a positive way by teaching them one of the most important life skills there is, learning to swim properly. 

That’s a big responsibility, and we take it seriously.

When we are speaking to incoming franchisees, they see the opportunity and value that global expansion provides them and they are just as excited to now be part of the growth we are experiencing.  Our existing franchisees also see the value it will provide them on a short and long term basis.  The more people that touch our brand, the more recognition we all receive, translating to consumer excitement.

We decided to see for ourselves the impact that swim schools are having across the globe and worked inside of Google analytics to learn more.  Not only are there a lot of search phrases for swim schools in the US and North America, there were just as many for India, Europe, and other Asian countries.  Parents today no matter what country they are in are creating demand in the market place and we are excited to take it.

In 2015 we opened over 70 swim schools in the US alone are have a total of 88 open locations!  With our new partnership with Sports World Mexico, we are set to open 46 new units in 2016.  We are growing quickly and the excitement is in the air and we can’t wait to see how great 2016 turns out!