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From Swimtastic Fox Cities

This post from Swimtastic Fox Cities celebrated long time students with a beautiful tribute post. See if your students would like to be celebrated or showcased on your social platform. Our community is comprised of so many parents that love seeing inspiring and heartwarming posts like this. 



From SafeSplash Arvada

This was a very wide reaching and successful blog post featuring Arvada's Missy Franklin visit. Large events like these and sharing experience videos are a great way to engage your audience. We're all a little nosey, wondering what's happening with the Jones' or otherwise, and videos like these can scratch that itch. Not only can you educate your audience about what's currently happening but you can enchant and entertain your viewers with narratives or just heartwarming stories about the events at your location. 



From SwimLabs Highlands Ranch

Shoutout your instructors! We want to know how special your staff is. Parents want to feel like their children are well taken care of and are receiving the best instruction they can. Sharing your staff achievements, interests, and the like is a great way to engage and emotional connect with your audience. It can also be a great way to reinforce your authority as instructors and professionals! Let's see those achievements! We don't all have world records but we all have something to share.