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NOW is a great time of the year to reach out to local partners, local businesses, local schools, and churches to let them know that you offer donation baskets. Donations baskets help bring brand awareness to your school during silent auctions, PTA events, fundraisers, etc. We also recommend putting a donation basket on your front desk (if possible) to bring awareness to your clients. These assembled baskets also make great holiday gifts! Please keep in mind that these donation baskets are often the first exposure to your business so it's important that they look professional and are of high quality!


We recommend including the following:

  • • Gift Certificate - You can find the gift card templates on C2 and/or the OneDrive. 

  • •  Brochure - varies depending on where the donation is going - you can always include multiple in one

  • • Mini Beach Ball

  • • Branded Neon Cap

  • • Pair of goggles

  • • Box for the donation

  • • Cello/polypropylene Rolls

  • • Ribbon to tie the top (available at any grocery or craft store)

We've included a few images of how we'd recommend assembling your donation baskets.